• Handmade Colorpop Necklace #20 - Georgina Pink

Handmade Colorpop Necklace #20 - Georgina Pink


The Handmade Colorpop range features geometric shapes in an array of pick-me-up colors. 

This necklace is designed and handmade with love by LILY+BLING. 


Chain: Adjustable String [Can be customised. See below.]
Components: Natural Wood, Hand-painted Wood, Silica


Chain Length: Adjustable Chain [Up to 85 cm]
Components: Across - Approx. 8-12 cm ; Down - Approx. 1-3 cm


Default Chain Color: Gold

Available Color Options: Black, White, Silver, Blue, Yellow 

- Please indicate in comments when carting out if you prefer another color. Otherwise, the default chain color will be given. 



Extra Notes

As necklace wood components are hand-painted, there may be some irregularities on the surface due to the painting.

NOTE: Avoid white/light colored clothing during initial wear of dark colored beads. Do not let wooden beads get into contact with water, sweat or other liquids. For maximum durability, coat beads with a thin layer of clear nail varnish.