• Handmade Colorpop Geometric Necklace II (#4)
  • Handmade Colorpop Geometric Necklace II (#4)
  • Handmade Colorpop Geometric Necklace II (#4)

Handmade Colorpop Geometric Necklace II (#4)


Introducing the new Handmade Colorpop Geometric Necklace v2 range!

We have listened to you and enhanced our popular Handmade Colorpop Necklace range with shorter necklace lengths fitted with extension chains for more adjustability. 

We have also extended the range to include additional colors for more creative expression. 


We love the aesthetically pleasing visuals of these geometric necklaces and how it instantly brightens any outfit. There's a range of color combinations to suit every mood.

This necklace is handmade with love. Each geometric block is hand-painted and no two necklaces are the same. 


Chain: 2mm Silver Waxed String (Adjustable)
Components: Wood/Acrylic


Chain Length: Approx 90 cm

Extra Notes

As the necklace wood components are hand-painted, there may be some irregularities on the surface due to the paint. Refer to FAQ for more.

NOTE: Avoid white/light colored clothing during initial wear of dark colored beads. Do not let wooden beads get into contact with water, sweat or other liquids. For maximum durability, coat beads with a thin layer of clear nail varnish.