Based in Singapore, LILY+BLING (Lily and Bling) is about quality, affordable and stylish bling for every woman. We are a homegrown brand created from the love of trendy and affordable accessories. 

How We Began: 

We started making handmade accessories as a hobby we were passionate about. We love creating new pieces and wearing them out. Friends, colleagues and even strangers started asking about our pieces and this hobby eventually turned into an avocation, leading to the start of LILY+BLING. 

What We Do:

Here at LILY+BLING, we bring to you our handmade creations and carefully curated jewellery collections.

We draw inspiration for our jewellery and accessories collections from the latest trends, from across the world, and most importantly, we draw inspiration from you. We create and carefully curate pieces that reflect the trends but retain a sense of individuality and uniqueness that will appeal to and bring out the bling in you. 

 What People Say:

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Here's our promise to you:

  • Customer service is our top priority. With mutual respect and consideration, we hope to provide excellent customer service to you.
  • We will adhere to strict quality control standards to make sure that every item that is received at, and then sent out from our warehouse to your address passes our quality checks.
    • This means that you can be assured that the item you receive is of good quality and there's no worry of a hit-or-miss when shopping online with us.
    • We sell only what we ourselves will wear, and we hope this will build a trusting long-term relationship between you and us!
  • We will keep prices affordable for you to be able to find and build your unique bling collection to suit every occasion. 


Go on, find your YOU+BLING with us today.